Volume 3 DBS 1966 to V8 1989 under construction - Free shipping
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Car Broker for Exclusive cars

Are you looking for a dedicated broker : - to sale or purchase the cherished car - only available for Aston Martin & ultra low mileage sport cars - tailor made & on demand research - fees are 4% up to 500.000euro on sales price - for any request please email us or call us : +352 691 630997 or sales@advantaged.eu

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We currently have :

1 Aston Martin DB4 Vantage 1963 RHD in concours condition

1 Aston Martin DB5 1965 LHD in mint condition

1 DB7 Zagato early chassis number - 2003 LHD very low mileage - mint condition

1 V8 Vantage Volante POW 1989 RHD Manual 7.0L from known personn, a must

1 Porsche 991 R 2016 Yellow - new 260km

all cars are only available for private sale - outside the public market

for any request please email us or call us : +352691630997 or sales@advantaged.eu

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