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About us


Ad'vantaged was established in 2018 by Etienne, following his experience as a finance director in the industry and his integration into the British Aston Martin Owners Club in 1992.

The name Ad'vantaged was chosen in connection with Aston Martin's famous word "Vantage", which characterizes the power, beauty and soul of the cars made by the brand. All products are directly or indirectly linked to the Aston Martin brand, its history, its drivers and its people.

The quality of the products manufactured for Ad'Vantaged is the result of research into the best suppliers, printers, bookbinders, paper manufacturers, and long and precise investigations, to achieve the quintessence that goes so well with the Aston Martin brand.

All the photos in the books made by Ad'Vantaged, with a few exceptions, are taken by Etienne, who was rewarded in 1997 by Louis KLEMENTASKI, himself recognized as the greatest ever motorsport photographer.

We do everything in our power to deliver to you under the best possible conditions and with the utmost care.

Our books are already sold all over the world, from Australia to Hawaii, through Europe, EMEA and Asia, and are recognized as a milestone in automotive literature. All the products in our catalogue can be purchased via Debit or Credit Card, or on demand by bank transfer, email us at sales@advantaged.eu